Visual Prompts

When writing our response to Section B, the exam instructions tell us to ‘draw directly from at least one selected text’ and to ensure that our writing is ‘based on the ideas in the prompt’.

But who said that the prompt had to be written language?

To spice up your exam preparation, have a think about how the following three visual prompts can give us new ways of thinking about our texts, The Crucible, and The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif:


Who is seeking change in the texts we study, what sort of change is desired, and how is this change sought? When is more money not the answer? If money can’t solve our problems, then what can?


You may also like to consider the photographer’s own reflection:
“A young girl soon after dawn in the village of Ghulam Ali on the Shamali Plain. Fighting between the Northern Alliance and the Taliban, along with massive US air strikes, made it a critically dangerous place to live.

This image—or maybe this girl—always makes me ask: Who are you? Are you still alive? What are you doing now, 10 years later? Do you still live in Afghanistan? Do you still live in your village on the Shamali Plain, north of Kabul? Are you married? Have you ever seen this photograph? Would you let me photograph you now?”

WARNING: some of the images in the extended TIME magazine slideshow contain graphic content


If this is a crime fighting hero, what does a ‘conflict fighting hero’ look like? What are they fighting, and can they do it alone?

Have a look around you, revise your texts, and remember to write down your ideas.

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